I always wanted an external thermometer in my car. I find it useful for ice warning and general information.
Unfortunately, my 1999 Citroen Xsara mk1 doesn’t come with one. I had to hack it.

I bought the Auriol Internal – External Thermometer from lidl. It has Ice alarm, min/max settings, and long 3m cable. Everything you need from a car thermometer. It only costs 3.99€. Sweet.



DIY Under-Bed Lighting


Want to jazz-up that boring bedroom of yours?
The ceiling lights are too strong to set the mood?
You need under-bed ambiance lighting!




Procrastinating during working hours?
Surfing facebook instead of working on that huge excel sheet you’re supposed to hand-in ASAP? Worrying the boss will creep on you and catch you red-handed? There is a solution!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have 10+ irrelevant windows and tabs open at any time.  This makes it extremely hard to close them all if the boss or a supervisor comes by.  You can ALT+F4 like a mad-man (raising suspicion) , or you could close the whole browser process through task manager, but that it self takes a few precious seconds, plus you run the risk of losing all of your opened windows/tabs.



Ikea Jar Lamp hack


Here’s a hack from the past.
I initiated this jar-lamp more than 3 years ago but got distracted by other projects and abandoned it.

Basically, I’m taking an ikea glass jar, stuffing it with some electronics, and turning it into a bed-side lamp.

We’re going to need:

  • Ikea Glass Jar 1.50€
  • Flip Switch 0.40€
  • 3800mAh Battery for Nintendo Wii Balance Board 4€
  • Female & male Power plugs 0.80€
  • Retractable USB nokia cable 1.1€
  • AC to DC 5V USB charger 1.1€
  • 25x White LEDs 0.8€

The first step is to frost the glass. This way the light will spread evenly without blinding spots and will keep all the unsightly electronics out of sight.
This was the hardest part. I read somewhere that you can get frosting spray, but couldn’t find it anywhere, so I started grinding the inside of the jar with my dremel and a grinding bit. It took a lot of hours, and wasted 3 stone bits.
The results however were very satisfying.



Joystick as a Gear-Shifter


A true hard-core gamer must have a gaming-themed car. I was looking for a fun mod for my car, I love flight-sims, plus I see myself as a fast aggressive driver so… Why the hell no? Onwards to the hack!

First you have to remove the stock gear-shift knob.

2013-07-02 19.58.39_cropped
Some of them you have to un-screw them, others you have to pull them out.
I tried to twist and pull at the same time, but turns out mine had a plastic sleeve to keep it aligned. By twisting I broke that. Oh well… no turning back now.




Ever opened-up a faulty hard-disk to see what’s inside? It looks pretty cool, and you can get some very strong neodymium magnets out of it. SWAG!

Another cool usage is to display the opened hard-disk on your wall or desk, as art.
Ikea comes to the rescue. Did you know that you can fit a 3.5″ hard disk in a Ribba 15cm x 20cm? Me neither. Also, you can fit two of the small-factor hard disks in the Ribba 12cm x 17cm

You can use two-sided tape to hold them in place, or use the mounting screws like I did. You then fix the back to the frame with some black electrical tape.

2013-01-01 22.54.31
Easy peasy. And it looks really good IMHO.
Check out both versions:

2013-01-01 19.50.15



Peaches + Goat Cheese + Bacon


Fact: Everything is better with bacon.
When I saw this recipe on my friend’s food blog, I knew I had to try it. I mean… BACON! on peaches! it’s awesome. Trust me.