Joystick as a Gear-Shifter


A true hard-core gamer must have a gaming-themed car. I was looking for a fun mod for my car, I love flight-sims, plus I see myself as a fast aggressive driver so… Why the hell no? Onwards to the hack!

First you have to remove the stock gear-shift knob.

2013-07-02 19.58.39_cropped
Some of them you have to un-screw them, others you have to pull them out.
I tried to twist and pull at the same time, but turns out mine had a plastic sleeve to keep it aligned. By twisting I broke that. Oh well… no turning back now.

2013-07-02 19.59.05_cropped
I had an old Joystick from 1991 that uses gameport. USB wasn’t even invented back then.

The joystick is a Quickshot Warrior 5 (QS-123A) and I still have the original box for it. I kinda felt sad for destroying it, as maybe in a few more decades it would have been a collectible. Plus I have so many good memories from playing Star Wars: X-wing VS TIE Fighter. I loved that game.
It’s a shame, but gameport has been extinct for more than a decade now, and even if I used a gameport to USB adaptor, there are no drivers anymore.
Enough with the eulogy. Time to gut it.
I only needed the handle part so 3 screws on the side where enough to take it off.
IMG_7479_scaled IMG_7481_cropped

I cut the cables connecting the buttons carefully, as I might use them for another project in the future. Maybe wire some footwell lights on the trigger button, or maybe re-route the horn.

I dry fitted everything to see how it feels, and whether I can still shift gears comfortably.

2013-07-02 20.06.24

I then filled most of the base with milliput two-parts epoxy putty to make a strong bond. I wouldn’t want it to break-off while overtaking.

2013-07-02 20.39.02

Tighten the screws back on, wait a few hours for the putty to harden, and presto!

Bask at the glory of my modified gear-stick

2013-07-03 17.38.11


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  1. hook up the trigger to high beam / flash to pass circuit.

  2. I did this to my 1984 Toyota 4×4 almost a year ago. Mine was completely bolt on with some old 1980s PC gameport stick I found for $3 at a thrift shop 5 years ago.

    No epoxy needed and it still works to this day despite the force I need to use to get in first gear. I have yet to wire up the buttons. Maybe horn and washer spray.

  3. Is this a Citro├źn Xsara? It has the exact same interior has my Xsara Break. I had to change the ignition on mine, now it’s push to start with a white arcade-style button ahah.

    • Yes it’s a citroen Xsara break from ’99 model.
      What did you do for the immobilizer situation? you just push the key in place to detect it?

      • Looks like we have the same model then, mine is also a ’99. As for the ignition, that is correct. I just use the original key, turn on the battery and push the new button; it works pretty well.
        Cool little mod you got there :)

        • Thanks. Have you got any pics from the button mod? Sounds interesting. Anything else that you have done?

  4. I did this back when I was 20 (ish) I am 47 now (and much more sensible) I took apart the same type of joystick, rigged it wit ha micro-switch to the car battery. Filled the joystick with body filler so it was solid. The length of wire was connected to the positive and negative sides which momentarily made contact during the trigger activation. The wires were stripped down to about 4 strands at the center, so when the trigger was activated the voltage shorted out at its weakest point (which was wrapped around a match head, which was shoved up the rear end of a firework rocket. The rocket was mounted at the end of a tube which poked out of the front of the grill from the passenger compartment of my old car (Datsun 100a) hehe. I had all my co-workers watch this when I use to work at Ashton Containers in Bristol, UK. Some guy was dancing in front of my car thinking I was joking. It worked amazingly well. One of the more craziest and silly things I have done my life. Ya know, but then somewhere along the way, I grew up.

  5. seen on similar mod on mazda 3 forum … but he had his wired to a semi auto BB gun mechanism that shot from his grill

    have the link here some whars

    • Cool! Please find the link.