Want to jazz-up that boring bedroom of yours?
The ceiling lights are too strong to set the mood?
You need under-bed ambiance lighting!

I wanted to modernize somewhat that antique bed that came with the appartment, plus I needed some sort of secondary dimmed lighting for snoozing or “other” activities *wink* *wink*…

People will tell you not to do it. Don’t listen. It boils-down to personal taste, and I think it looks cool and easy on the eyes.

I believe there are some ready-made kits, ikea sells something similar, and lifehacker has a version of their own.
lets see if we can make it cheaper.

For our ingredients we’ll need 2 things:

Total cost 6.33£ (7.5 euros)!! Pretty cool.

If the above links don’t work, search ebay for “5m 3528 300 smd” and “12v ac adapter”. Sort by “Price + P&P: Lowest First” and get the cheapest. As long as it has 300 SMDs on a 5m strip, it will do.
As for the AC/DC adapter, make sure to get one that is above 2 amps (2A). Again, get the cheapest.

Now you’ll notice that the LED strip come with stripped wires, and the adapter comes with some random connector.No worries, you just chop the connector off, and hard-wire it to the LED strip.



If you want extra luxury, you can add a side-lamp switch to turn it on and off without unplugging it.

When you’re done with the cabling, you peel the sticky back-side and stick it underneath the bed.
Make sure you vacuum first or be prepared to meet some dust-bunnies.

For a queen-sixed bed measuring 160×200 cm the 5 meter strip should be enough.
It doesn’t matter much if it fits end to end as it won’t show on the final result. If you are a perfectionist, you can buy an even longer strip, and cut it to size.

Bellow you can see a top-down view of the wiring. I highlighted the edge of the bed for a subtle effect, but if you  want you can go crazy and do a zig-zag pattern for maximum coverage. Although I wouldn’t suggest it. We’re going for ambiance people!


And here’s the final result. Compare the original boredom with the snazy new look.


I know the pink bedding looks awful and super-gay. I’m a cheapskate and don’t want to buy new sheets. Ignore it and move on. Look at the pretty lights.

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  1. Your parents bed on your parents 200+ m^2 house is not “that antique bed that came with the apartment”
    and maybe calling sex : “other” activities *wink* *wink*… is what unsettling the mood and not the lighting.

    But at the end of the day, “It boils-down to personal taste” indeed.

    P.S. Silence sister, I KILL YOU!