How To Get A Greek Phone Number?

Are you planning a trip to Greece and wondering how to get a local phone number? Well, look no further! In this post, we will guide you on the easiest way to obtain a Greek phone number without any hassle or long-term commitment. So, let’s dive right in and discover the simple steps!

To get a Greek phone number, all you need is an unlocked GSM device and a prepaid SIM card. You can easily purchase one from any mobile store or even at the airport upon arrival. Just insert the SIM card into your phone, activate it with some credit, and voila! You’re ready to make calls and stay connected while exploring beautiful Greece.

But wait…there’s more! Having a local phone number not only allows you to make domestic calls but also enables you to enjoy affordable international calling rates. Stay tuned as we reveal some tips on finding the best deals for data plans and call packages that will elevate your communication experience during your Greek adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Simplify international communication with a Greek phone number.
  • Unlock new opportunities by obtaining a local Greek phone number.
  • Stay connected and build trust with Greek customers using a local phone number.
  • Enhance your global presence and credibility with a Greek phone number.

How to choose the right Greek phone number provider?

Finding the right Greek phone number provider can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dig deeper into the key factors you should consider when choosing a provider.

1. Coverage and Network Quality: The first aspect to assess is the coverage and network quality offered by different providers. Ensure that your chosen provider has reliable coverage in the areas where you need it most.

2. Pricing and Plans: Compare pricing plans from various providers to find one that suits your budget and usage requirements. Look for transparent pricing structures with no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

3. Features and Services: Assess what additional features and services are provided by each provider. Do they offer voicemail, call forwarding, or international calling options? Consider your specific needs before making a decision.

4. Customer Support: A responsive customer support team can make all the difference when facing technical issues or needing assistance with your phone service. Research reviews or ask for recommendations regarding customer support quality.

What documents are required to obtain a Greek phone number?

    To obtain a Greek phone number, you will need to provide certain documents. Here is a breakdown of the requirements:


    You will need a valid form of identification, such as your passport or national ID card. This is necessary to verify your identity and ensure that you are eligible for a Greek phone number.

    Proof of address

    You must also provide proof of your residential address in Greece. This can be done by submitting utility bills, rental agreements, or any official document that clearly shows your current address.

    Tax registration number (AFM)

    In order to obtain a Greek phone number, you will need to have an AFM (Arithmo Forologikou Mitroou). This is essentially a tax identification number assigned by the Greek tax authorities.

    Greek bank account

    It is usually required to have a Greek bank account when applying for a phone number in Greece. This allows for easy payment of bills and ensures that you meet the financial obligations associated with the service.

    Once you have gathered these necessary documents, you can proceed with obtaining your Greek phone number from the service provider of your choice.

    Remember to bring originals and photocopies of all the required documents, as well as any additional paperwork requested by the specific provider. By having everything prepared in advance, you can streamline the process and avoid unnecessary delays.

Can I get a Greek phone number without being a resident?

Yes, it is possible to get a Greek phone number even if you are not a resident. This can be beneficial for various reasons, such as business purposes or staying connected with friends and family while visiting Greece. Let’s find out how you can obtain a Greek phone number without residency.

Option 1: Prepaid SIM Cards
One way to get a Greek phone number is by purchasing a prepaid SIM card. These cards are available at many convenience stores, supermarkets, and mobile network providers’ shops across the country. Simply choose your preferred provider, buy the SIM card, and follow the instructions to activate it. This option allows you to have an active Greek phone number without any long-term commitments or residency requirements.

Option 2: Online Services
Alternatively, there are online services that offer virtual phone numbers in Greece. These services allow you to have a local Greek phone number assigned to you electronically. You can make and receive calls using this virtual number through apps on your smartphone or computer. While these numbers may not be suitable for all purposes (such as official documentation), they can be convenient for temporary use or specific needs.

Option 3: Local Assistance
If obtaining a physical SIM card or using online services seems complicated or inconvenient, another option is seeking assistance from locals in Greece who may help you acquire a temporary local SIM card under their name. This method requires finding someone willing to assist you and trusting them with managing the account details associated with the Greek phone number.

Are there different types of Greek phone numbers available?

Types of Greek Phone Numbers

If you’re wondering about the different types of Greek phone numbers available, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the various options and shed light on what each type entails.

  1. Landline Numbers: Landline numbers in Greece typically start with an area code followed by a six-digit number. They are commonly used for home or office lines and provide a stable connection.
  2. Mobile Numbers: Mobile phone numbers in Greece have evolved over time. The current format consists of a three-digit network code (beginning with 69) followed by six digits. These numbers offer flexibility and mobility, allowing users to stay connected while on the go.
  3. Toll-Free Numbers: Toll-free numbers are prefixed with 800 or 801 in Greece. They enable callers to reach businesses without incurring any charges, making them convenient for customer service or helpline purposes.
  4. Premium Rate Numbers: Premium rate phone numbers begin with 90 in Greece. These are special services that charge callers at a higher rate than standard calls, often used for entertainment or informational services.

In summary, there are different types of Greek phone numbers available depending on your needs. Whether it’s landline, mobile, toll-free, or premium rate numbers – understanding these distinctions can help you choose the right option for your specific requirements.

How long does it take to activate a Greek phone number?

    Network Provider

    Different network providers may have varying activation times. Some providers might have faster systems in place, allowing for quicker activations, while others may take longer due to their internal processes.


    The time it takes to activate your Greek phone number can also depend on how quickly you provide and verify the necessary documentation. Ensure you have all the required paperwork ready and follow any instructions provided by your network provider promptly.

    Payment Confirmation

    If payment is involved in activating your Greek phone number, the process could be delayed if there are issues with payment confirmation or processing. Double-check that your payment details are correct and contact customer support if needed.

    Technical Issues

    Occasionally, technical glitches or system maintenance can cause delays in activating a Greek phone number. While these instances are rare, they could extend the activation time beyond what is typical.


Q: What are the requirements to get a Greek phone number?

A: To get a Greek phone number, you will need to provide your passport or ID card and proof of address in Greece. You may also be required to have a valid residency permit.

Q: Can I get a Greek phone number as a tourist?

A: Yes, tourists can get a Greek phone number by providing their passport and proof of temporary accommodation in Greece, such as a hotel reservation or rental agreement.

Q: How long does it take to get a Greek phone number?

A: The process of obtaining a Greek phone number usually takes around 24-48 hours once all the necessary documents have been submitted and verified.

Q: Where can I go to get a Greek phone number?

A: You can visit any major telecom provider’s store in Greece, such as Cosmote, Vodafone, or Wind, to apply for and activate your Greek phone number.

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