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Add an outdoor thermometer to your car


I always wanted an external thermometer in my car. I find it useful for ice warning and general information.
Unfortunately, my 1999 Citroen Xsara mk1 doesn’t come with one. I had to hack it.

I bought the Auriol Internal – External Thermometer from lidl. It has Ice alarm, min/max settings, and long 3m cable. Everything you need from a car thermometer. It only costs 3.99€. Sweet.
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DIY cat tree


I was looking to buy one of those things that cats climb on and chill or play with. (AKA cat perch, cat condo, cat tree, cat furniture)
I had no idea how much they cost! Turns out you can pay up to 250€ depending on the model.
It’s crazy, considering it’s nothing more than wood and carpet. I decided to build my own.

I didn’t do any planning, just looked at some popular models, took some mental pictures, and went to a home depot store to buy all the needed materials.

The wooden panels and beams were offcuts and cheap as chips. I also bought a small sized carpet for 8 euros. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any carpet offcuts to reduce the cost even further. I chose black color to match my cat gata…
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