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Hard Disk in a frame


Ever opened-up a faulty hard-disk to see what’s inside? It looks pretty cool, and you can get some very strong neodymium magnets out of it. SWAG!

Another cool usage is to display the opened hard-disk on your wall or desk, as art.
Ikea comes to the rescue. Did you know that you can fit a 3.5″ hard disk in a Ribba 15cm x 20cm? Me neither. Also, you can fit two of the small-factor hard disks in the Ribba 12cm x 17cm

You can use two-sided tape to hold them in place, or use the mounting screws like I did. You then fix the back to the frame with some black electrical tape.

2013-01-01 22.54.31
Easy peasy. And it looks really good IMHO.
Check out both versions:

2013-01-01 19.50.15


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